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PA Business Corporations and Non-Profit Organization Registration and Titling

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has specific guidelines regarding the proper identification for any Business or Non-Profit Corporations to title and register vehicles in a Company Name. The Fact Sheet link below outlines those requirements however if you have any questions we encourage you to call our office in advance so that you are properly prepared before coming in. New or replacement titles will be mailed directly back to the Business or Non-Profit Corporation unless there is a finance /lease in which case goes back to the lender/ lessor.

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In most cases we can issue the Registration instantly however depending on the individual circumstances we may need to send the physical application and identification documents via Messenger to PennDOT.  The title could take anywhere from 6-8 weeks to arrive back in mail however If possible we will issue a 90 day temporary registration to keep the vehicle on the road.

PA’s Identification Requirements for Completion of Motor Vehicle Applications by Business Organizations or Non-Profit Corporations

PA Fleet Registration and Titling Services

Pennsylvania’s Fleet Registration system provides customers the convenience of establishing fleet accounts if the Business or Non Profit operates 15 or more vehicles (with certain exceptions). Advantages of Fleet accounts include a single annual registration invoice. Other programs are available for Companies or Organizations that operate 100 or more vehicles.

If we are able to process your Fleet Registration online we will however in some cases it may require that we messenger the physical application and identification documents to PennDOT. If that is the case the Fleet Registrations will be returned to our office within 6-8 weeks. We will track it through the process so that we can notify you as soon as they arrive.

PennDOT FAQs – Fleet Registration

Fleet Registration Services

If you own a business with 15 – 99 non- apportioned vehicles whose primary travel is within PA you should consider Fleet Registration Services. Instead of receiving individual vehicle registration renewal applications coming in at different dates, one invoice is produced listing all the vehicles expiring in a preselected given month. Once established the customer will receive a renewal application from Fleet Registration Services 90 days prior to the selected renewal date listing all vehicles within the fleet due to be renewed. This allows the owner/company to make changes in advance of the actual renewal invoice.

Although there is no additional cost to take advantage of Fleet Registration Services the application process can be complex. Whether you are a public, private, municipal or government fleet applicant, there are 11 separate feet types each designed for your specific business class. We will work to be sure you enroll in the program that best suits your company’s business category.

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